Surrendering to the True and Living God

The idea of surrendering our minds and autonomy to God is a contradiction to the Enlightenment mind which sought (and still seeks) to free us from all restraints, especially dogmatic religious restraints or authority. Humanity was placed in a box where only reason reigned and one could not step outside this box to validate truth […]

Why people deny the reality of persecution

There are those who deny the existence of religious persecution because they may not personally experience it. Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer, says that “those of us who live in the modern West don’t experience anything along these lines, and most of us are deeply ignorant of the sufferings of our brethren around the world. […]

The Need for a Definition

What does “persecution” mean? An inadequate definition can lead to an inappropriate response, or worse, not being able to recognize the subtle existence of a type of persecution in a person’s own context. Examples of a definition can be found in the Bad Urach Statement (published by the International Institute for Religious Freedom), the writings […]

Suffering and the Mission of God–continued

Theological and missiological Perspectives I want to deal with the reality of persecution and suffering for Christ’s sake from theological and missiological perspectives. Since theology is an intellectual exercise, some feel that it is not related to real life, and therefore is impractical and not something a serious practitioner of ministry need bother with. There […]

Suffering and the Mission of God: A Theological and Missiological Perspective (#1 of many coming up)

PREFACE Suffering for Christ is a part of the mission of God. Suffering comes as a result of persecution of those sent to share the gospel and those who have received the gospel. While human rights issues and slavery are topics held in high esteem in Western society, and the fight for human rights is […]

Radical Discipleship

When I first went to Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in the Philippines to teach a short course in an interim, I was browsing through the books in the library and I came across a book about a Chinese evangelist John Sung, written by Leslie T. Lyall. I was surprised to read that this highly respected […]