Surrendering to the True and Living God

The idea of surrendering our minds and autonomy to God is a contradiction to the Enlightenment mind which sought (and still seeks) to free us from all restraints, especially dogmatic religious restraints or authority. Humanity was placed in a box where only reason reigned and one could not step outside this box to validate truth […]


I have been focusing on s book I want to write on suffering, I want to write some of it on a popular level and some a little more on the theological side. It is easier to sell a manuscript written on the popular side than one written on the academic side. So, we’ll see […]


When I was younger and wanted to stay young I read somewhere that the key to youthfulness was to stay focused on the future and not dwell on the past. That was pretty good advice I think, but it has its faults, as do most generalizations. Times have changed and many people, youth included, are […]


I enjoy teaching, although there were times when it was a bit trying—like when I was lecturing and my students were playing games on their computers or listening to music on their cell phones. I especially enjoy teaching adult Sunday school classes because I enjoy and learn a lot from the preparation and the interaction […]