Surrendering to the True and Living God

The idea of surrendering our minds and autonomy to God is a contradiction to the Enlightenment mind which sought (and still seeks) to free us from all restraints, especially dogmatic religious restraints or authority. Humanity was placed in a box where only reason reigned and one could not step outside this box to validate truth […]

The Relationship of Theology and Missiology

A theology of mission by definition establishes a relationship between theology and missiology. David Bosch reflects on this relationship in his book Witness to the World:  “Paul, after all, combined his extensive missionary activities with corresponding intensive work in the area of theology. His theology exercised a decisive influence on his practice; conversely, the way […]

Defining Theology of Mission

A theology of mission is a discussion of the mission of God from a theological perspective. Moreover, it is the discovery and explanation of the theological truths and principles that relate to and support the mission of God. David Bosch states that it is concerned with “the relationship between God and the world in light […]

PART 1: A THEOLOGY OF GOD’S MISSION TO THE WORLD Chapter 1 The Mission of God: The Occasion and Context for Persecution and Suffering

God’s Mission: The Occasion for Persecution and Suffering Because God has a mission to the world and this mission is presently resisted by hostile spiritual forces and rebellious humans, there is the reality of having to suffer for Christ as we participate in God’s mission. It is important that we know why we go out […]

Why People or Governments Become Persecutors

Generally speaking, Christians are seen as a threat to prevailing religious beliefs (where religious belief is equated with cultural, political, or ethnic identity), to social stability (breaking up family and community unity), and political allegiances (where religion and state are closely identified or identical). The more militant, radical groups within a religion (like Islam, Buddhism, […]

Why People Deny the Reality of Persecution

  There are those who deny the existence of religious persecution because they may not personally experience it. Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer, says that “those of us who live in the modern West don’t experience anything along these lines, and most of us are deeply ignorant of the sufferings of our brethren around the […]


Suffering for Christ is a part of the mission of God. Suffering comes as a result of persecution of those sent to share the gospel and those who receive the gospel. While human rights issues and slavery are topics held in high esteem in Western society, and the fight for human rights is a seen […]