The Core Motivation of My Life

I have been a Christian for a very long time. From the beginning I have felt the need to go deeper and deeper into the faith and in my understanding and experience with God. By that I mean that I have always felt the need to know God more deeply ad profoundly on an ongoing basis. This has led me to do more that read the Bible and numerous devotional books; it has meant excursions into in-depth theological studies and reading books that reflect the depth I desire, authors like C. S. Lewis, Paul Tournier, Alister McGrath, Oswald Chambers, and John Polkinghorne to name a few. It is about a passion to know God in every conceivable manner, from the heart to the mind—emotionally, intuitively, psychologically, and cognitively. It is about the insatiable desire to know God in such depth that I would able to grow and mature in likeness to him. Becoming ever more like him in character and wisdom is the unalterable purpose of my life. I want to be person of depth and integrity, some to whom the world can see and understand what it is like to follow and be in relationship with the living God.

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