Is there anyone out there?

I sent out about 2 dozen invitations to view my site and so far I have only two persons who have responded and written a comment. I think I am talking to myself! That’s OK, I am a good listener! I need to be writing something every day so this is good practice.

I realize that there are not many who would resonate with the topics I am interested in. I have been reading books on aging and retirement and I am a bit restless–I like working and I did not intend to retire but health issues forced it. I have worked hard to regain my health and my strength with the purpose of being able to do something worthwhile and creative. I love missions, theology, cross-cultural living, great devotional literature and a host of other things. So, I will be posting periodically on topics that are on my mind.

Most of all, I want to reconnect with former students and colleagues that I have shared many interesting times and experiences with. As a teacher, I learned an enormous amount of worthwhile information from my students and colleagues. I am still hungry to learn more. Bring it on!

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