I am at the stage in life where it is necessary to downsize. One reason is that I have lost 5” in height and about 40 pounds since middle age. So, I have already downsized my body and so I have to downsize my clothes. We have downsized our home, from a 4-bedroom ranch to a small townhouse and that requires parting with a lot of items, including clothes, furniture, books (hundreds of books—each one that I loved), boxes full of various items, old memorabilia, etc. etc.!

One the contrary, I have increased (I hope) my spiritual understandings and my view of God and his handywork. No question that he has been at work in our lives, from working with us through many medical issues (I am getting a whole new cadre of physicians in a variety of medical specialties), through our move to Kansas and giving us the perfect home for us at this stage of life (a very small yard to take care of and a white fence around it—that I have yet to paint white!), a very nice neighborhood to walk in (multi-ethnic as well, which is what I like), a great church (returned to College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe—a great group of former friends and new ones), and loads of other benefits. So, some things require decreasing to make room for many new blessings.

I have concluded that due to my physical limitations (hopefully these will become less as I continue to workout with weights and to walk) that I must continue my vocation and calling through writing, which I love but must admit it can be work at times and my lazy, retired bones don’t want to work. I also have neglected oil and acrylic painting which I have set up to do in retirement. This painting is more fun than painting fences. But, it requires so much preparation and cleaning of brushes after painting that I don’t want to take the time to do it. Then, because I have not painted regularly, my skills are rusty and I have trouble producing paintings that I am pleased with. So that is something I must overcome and start producing paintings that I would be happy to give away—or sell, if possible. Presently, my family and Goodwill are the recipients of these masterpieces! So, I have downsized to their benefit—or at their expense. I used to paint to relieve stress but now I am only stressed by my own sense of duty to do something of value and not having to please anyone but God and myself, so it is not so severe.

That being said, I need to get on with it!

One thought on “Downsizing

  1. Well you tell all your friends how much fun it is to paint the fence, and have them come over and paint it for you. But since I live in Ok. I guess I will pass.


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