“Get Real!” is usually a retort to something some says that seems preposterous, usually because it seems odd or impossible or it is outside the realm of possibilities if we are imprisoned in the modern Western cultural worldview which repudiates and will not tolerate  any talk of faith or the supernatural. Such talk is seen as myth or superstition.

The purposeful blinding of the Western mind to anything outside the parameters of our self-constructed protective wall is ludicrous. Things happen that cannot be adequately explained within the confines of the narrow Western viewpoint. Fortunately God is not confined by our cultural limitations and restrictions. So, if we really want to “Get Real” we must be realistic about what is and what is possible, and move beyond our self-imposed limitations and embrace a wider (and more realistic, I might add) understanding of reality that is not restricted by a positivistic ideology that leaves out some of the greatest aspects of the whole of reality, God has a lot of surprises for us once we throw off the chains of a viewpoint that has imprisoned us and we gain the freedom to experience and appreciate a wider reality that includes a supernatural dimension and a spirituality based on the whole picture.

So, to Get Real means accepting a very real God who determines the limits of reality not a cultural bias that limits reality to a positivistic view of a material world. The Western cutural  view is suffocating and un-realistic. Can our finite minds tell God, who is the infinite mind, what the limits to reality are?

So, I say, let’s “Get Real!”


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