Dear Lord:

       Today I have decided to consecrate myself to you.  Examine my heart for anything that might distract or disqualify me from total and complete submission to you.

       I believe that entire consecration is your will, taught in Your Word and desired by you, so I am responding in obedience to what you ask of me.

       I believe that the consecration of my life to you means that I am totally at Your disposal, set apart for Your work in and for Your service, available to be used by You in any way You see fit–for Your glory and for the advancement of Your kingdom.

       With this in mind, I wholly dedicate and consecrate my life to you and into Your hands, to live out and be directed by You so that through me you may accomplish Your will on earth.

       It is my prayer that You will bear much fruit through me for Your glory and honor.  I will never look back nor turn back but will keep my focus on you as you lead me to greater effectiveness and usefulness.

            May You, O God, accept my sacrifice today and sanctify me through and through.                                                                                  AMEN

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