Time was When…

We often hear the sentiment, “time was when…,” lamenting that things were better once and that we are sorry that day has passed. The truth is that we cannot resurrect the past; we just have to let it go. We do have the opportunity to re-create what was lost in a new and revitalized form.

Culture changes, for the better and for the worse. More often than not, we think it is changing for the worse and there is a lot of evidence that this may be the case. The fact that culture is changeable gives us the opportunity to engage culture and be a part of the change process for the better.  We think: how can I, one isolated individual, make a difference and help sway culture in another direction?

I am not suggesting that this is an easy task but that it is a plausible idea in that if we do nothing, we can be assured of the outcome but if we engage culture in some form or way, it can add to the efforts by others of like mind and can make a difference. Do we think we are the only ones who think that some aspect of the culture past was better and should be re-introduced to the present reality?

Here are some thoughts about how we can make a difference:

1. Model the behavior that we would like to see re-introduced into present culture. For example, if we think that people should show more respect for people, then we should model this and show respect for others, even the homeless, those addicted who are seeking help, and those trying to regain their lives after incarceration. The fact that culture may look condescendingly upon these people or those like them, gives us the opportunity to be counter-cultural and treat them as valuable human being, which they are.

2. Perhaps there is a way that our voice can be heard. It this day of social media, it is not hard to put a word in the conversation—or even start a conversation by stating our convictions. We can do this among friends in informal conversation or through other means where conversations are going on.

3. I know this sounds like a cop-out and for some a rather unrealistic idea, but we should pray for our culture and cultural leaders. What if someone who is heard rather routinely in social media would experience a conversion to Christ, their attempts to explain their new views needs support from listeners. We could add to the testimony by supporting them on social media or even writing them a letter or calling into a live show to voice support. Prayer in faith can make a significant difference in daily life. If we have experienced this truth in other arenas, we can approach prayer as a valuable and practical way to insert God’s will into the cultural milieu.

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