How do we know what is asserted as truth is true?

Another question raised is how can we judge the validity of the truth we hear from God through the Holy Spirit, since it is in the subjective, spiritual realm?  If the truth comes from God, what standard higher than God can we use to evaluate God? That is an absurd question and it does not satisfy the inquiring mind. God is the standard by which we evaluate truth. God has revealed his character t us so anything we hear from God would be consistent with his character. The more we know God the better able we are to discern what is asserted as truth is truly from God. So, God’s character is the highest, objective standard by which we judge all things to be true and right.

            While there may truths, precepts, and laws that seem to reflect God in the universe and in nature (often described as natural theology), there is only one standard for making moral judgment, or in understanding the great doctrinal truths and that objective standard is the Bible. It contains the central truths of God’s nature, the true nature of the universe, and, of course, the way of redemption. This is our objective standard by which all things are measure because we believe it is truly inspired by God to reveal spiritual truth to us. If we have a direct leading from the Holy Spirit it will not contradict the teachings of the Bible, rightly understood. Having the Bible as our objective standard keeps us from the deceptive self-suggestion that we may think is from God but it has another source, either our strong will or suggestions from the enemy of our soul.

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