The Rational Mind and Spiritual Intuition

Our culture would insist that we must base knowing on gathering objective and concrete facts before we decide to believe or not. That may work in science but not in the spiritual dimension. The scientific methodology puts us in a box and does not allow anything that is outside the box and not provable through observable experiment.  It is not as though the truths in the spiritual dimension are not facts, but most are unprovable rationally. The evidence necessary to believe in God and his truth requires that we first believe that God exists and that he communicates with us in ways unique to the spiritual dimension. This cannot be established in a laboratory or through logical equation or syllogism. It is not possible in practice to separate the logical mind from intuition. They interact in know and we need each aspect in order to truly grasp truth. So, in reality, the rational mind and spiritual intuition are inseparable. Intuition is the immediate apprehension of rational truth. Spiritual insight, intuition, and apprehension are necessary to hear the Holy Spirit. These qualities are the gifts of God’s grace.

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