Surrendering to the True and Living God

The idea of surrendering our minds and autonomy to God is a contradiction to the Enlightenment mind which sought (and still seeks) to free us from all restraints, especially dogmatic religious restraints or authority. Humanity was placed in a box where only reason reigned and one could not step outside this box to validate truth or believe in anything that could not be logically explained. Anything outside the box was subject to doubt and skepticism. To purposefully surrender oneself to anything (like God) which could not be validated or affirmed by empirical experiment was ludicrous to the Enlightenment mind.

            While we may have passed this era and become a Post-Enlightenment or Post-Modern culture presents different temptations and restraints. The problem now is belief in false gods, in that which claims to have spiritual truth but whose teachings contradict the character of the true God. It is to this true God that we surrender and allow this God to invade our beings and to search our hearts. We surrender to a Living God who is in relationship with a contingent world that he created and has given meaning and purpose. He is presently active in giving us guidance and understandable truth on which we believe and follow. Surrendering to a Person who we trust completely and explicitly, who has proven faithful, who has manifestly changed our lives, who has guided us, helped us, comforted us, and encouraged us is not surrendering our ability to think or reason clearly and logically but puts us in contact with true reality. It is in this relationship with God that we become truly ‘enlightened.’

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