Shall I Continue?

I am having a debate in my mind. I am an advocate for a lot of unpopular topics like persecution, suffering, theology of mission, aging, etc. which means that I talk mostly to myself with a few kind people listening in! That’s ok, I guess, since it is like journaling without hiding the journal under my mattress. So, should I continue?

I read yesterday that if a person wants to publish that he or she needs their own website. I want to publish, so that answers that question. The next question is finding a good editor and agent without costing me my fortune (since I am retired and living on a small pension, that fortune isn’t much). Nevertheless, since I cannot work because of physical limitations, I must fulfill my calling to teach by writing, so I am looking for a good editor/agent who charges reasonable fees.

Speaking of physical limitations–since having been hospitalized almost 2 dozen times, my attempt to get back to normal health with strength and stamina is taking me a long time–years, in fact. This past week I have experienced a burst of energy and I have been able to walk at a very good pace and often without my cne or walking stick. At 72, I am not trying to get into shape for a marathon but I have jogged a few feet and that has been exhiliarating. I am making progress!! So, I am still in the game.

One thought on “Shall I Continue?

  1. We will never win the race, but we need to run the race.  Not a real race, but active.  We much stay active and do what we can.  May Gods love be with you.  We miss you and Sue.Robert


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