Getting older and doing it well

The book, Elderhood by Louise Aronson, was recommended as ‘must reading.’ And now that I am about 3/4 of the way through it I can see why. It is an eye-opener. It is informative and it is scary.

Louise Aronson is a medical doctor who specializes in geriatrics, a geriatrician–deals with the characteristics, needs, and diseases of older people. I was interested in her book because I have been reading books about getting older because, like YOU, I am getting older–every day. In Western culture, unlike many other cultures in the world, we do not really think highly of getting and being older. Aronson’s book is scary because she talks about how American medicine has not faced that fact that people are living longer and their health situation is not like middle-age people. Things happen to the body and the person as they grow older. How do we address the differences and how do we maintain personal value in a culture that delegates older people to the fringes and ignores them? Older people become invisible–which has its benefits.

Its a long book but it is rather inexpensive as a Kindle book. I like to hold books and to mark in them but there is no more space on my bookshelves and so I have reverted to digital format. Who said old dogs can’t be taught new tricks? I admit, it can sometimes be difficult but it is not impossible. It is also possible to get older and like it–and master it. Just like we have done all our lives, we learn to deal with it in positive ways and we can flourish–albeit with a lot less.

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