There is no question that some people have something to say and others care less if anything is said at all. It’s the nature of humans to communicate or to ignore it. For those who wish to speak, there is often something compelling them to speak, something important or something trivial. Nevertheless, words are uttered and sometimes these words are important to listen to. A lot depends, at least in the sight of society, on the status of the person, whether they are important enough to listen to. Granted, there are those in our culture who are best prepared and more informed on certain subjects to speak. 

Of course, it depends on age and other natural requirements that make something spoken to be important. When a child begins to speak its first words, the family and friends listen and enjoy this new participant in the conversation, even though the child does not use full sentences or pronounce things correctly, and does not have something substantive to say for, perhaps, years. Then, there are those who are old enough to have something substantive to say who say little of any importance. 

And, there are times when something important needs to be said and someone steps forward and says it, sometimes eloquently and sometimes not; but at least it was said and everyone has to decide whether it was adequate enough to meet the need to the occasion. Usually, it does, and mostly meets the expectations of those present and life moves on and conversations continue and occasionally something of substance and importance is said.

Presently, looking at our national conversation, one wonders if there is anyone who is capable of saying anything of substance and certainly one wonders if anything that is heard is the truth, something related to reality. Since I am not a person who has any status in our society to speak with authority, I will go ahead and say it even if no one is listening or if I am not important enough to be listened to. 

The national conversation is ridiculously embarrassing since I know that my friends around the world, only hearing what we say and not what should be said, are wondering if there is anyone in this country with the intelligence or inclination to truly lead with moral authority, who can speak something with substance, and who will truly lead and govern in a manner that will lead us forward instead of constantly running in place or worse, are running the wrong way. I believe there are these people, but will they step forward and speak? Would we listen to them?

I am not going to hold my breath!

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