We have this innate sense to know when the time is right—at least some of us do! Timing like location can be everything. This has caused considerable debate between me and my wife about getting something done. She runs on a schedule—usually a very rigid schedule and she has a list which she adheres to and occasionally something on here list requires me to move on it and she begins to hint very strongly that I need to get it done. Usually, that is not a problem and I am glad for the reminder. But occasionally I feel that the time is not right, that we need to be patient, and rather than jumping the gun, we ought to wait just a little bit longer. This drives her crazy but in many cases, it has been proven to be the wiser but albeit delayed action.

How do we know when the time is right? Is it an innate feeling, one that is born within some of us, or is it something we learn with experience? I think it is both, but unless we have acted on and learned from something innate, then it is less likely to be as accurate or as functional.  

Does it have to do with providence, the way the universe is set up, or something to that effect, that puts everything in its proper time and place? 

The writer of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 believed there was a ‘time’ for everything, and that everything had its time and place. Often it also means that certain actions were proper to do at a certain time and the opposite action is called for at other times. It makes sense because much if it is based on wisdom and maturity, mixed with keen insight based on experience. Sometimes we have spoken when we should have been quiet. There are certain persons we can hug and there are some we cannot hug; it would not be welcome or it is inappropriate. 

There are two phrases that I especially love—There is ‘a time to search and a time to give up.’ I am driven to search until I find what I am looking for even when it can’t be found. I drive myself crazy searching and have great trouble giving up the search—even losing sleep and not being able to focus on other important things. I am disgustingly single-minded to my own detriment.

I also love the phrase—‘[God] has made everything beautiful in its time.’ That needs to be expounded upon because it is a generalization I would like to believe but I can see that the word ‘everything’ is too broad. There must be some qualifiers. Yet, I have seen very ugly women and men find love, get married and have a bunch of kids. If everything is beautiful in its time, then should I kick back and let things develop—from ugliness to beauty without my interference or help? I don’t think so! 


I believe it was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said that it is always the right time to do what is right.

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