I enjoy teaching, although there were times when it was a bit trying—like when I was lecturing and my students were playing games on their computers or listening to music on their cell phones. I especially enjoy teaching adult Sunday school classes because I enjoy and learn a lot from the preparation and the interaction with other adults as I teach the lesson. 

I enjoy preparation because I like to take a topic and organize my thinking and present it in an orderly and interesting manner (at least I think it is orderly and interesting!). I have a fascination with thought systems (or as Peter L. Berger, American-Austrian sociologist calls it ‘the fiduciary framework). We have all created a system of thinking in our own minds in which we decide what to keep and what to forget. We build a framework of understanding that tends to control what we accept and what we won’t. We should be flexible enough that when we hear new truth that we can evaluate it for what it is and amend our framework if we decide we need to include it in our way of thinking. This is especially true and important when it comes to our belief in God and his truth. Teaching Sunday School to adults seeking to learn more about the Bible and  truth is especially important and edifying, 

Since I have a unique (some call it ‘strange’) way of looking at things, I can usually take a familiar passage of Scripture or truth and find something interesting about it that we usually have not thought about it before. Think about the relationship between light and the glory of God, for example. Notice that the angels sang about God’s glory at Christ’s birth and there was a bright light that shown over the shepherds and a bright star that guided the wise men. It was the glory of God in the form of a bright light that knocked Saul off his horse on his way to Damascus. It is God’s glory that enlightens us to the truth through the Holy Spirit. We could go on and on about this.

I say this to say that I will begin teaching the New Beginnings Sunday school class on January 5, 2020. I have not taught for many months due to medical issues that made me too weak to teach. For the past few months, I have been walking extensively as well as lifting weights and using the exercise machines at a local athletic club. I am always ‘pushing the envelope’ as they say, sometimes too hard and it slows my progress. 

But, I think I am ready and now I have to relearn to speak publicly in a matter that does not put my students asleep, but if my students are like me, I fight sleep all through class when I am sitting in a comfortable chair in a comfortable room and I have to keep my mind focused. My mind wants to wander off and, over a period of time, my eyes start to close (just resting them), no matter how eloquent the speaker may be. So, I am going to have to be a little patient with folks like me who may be closing my eyes. I learned from my kids when they were teenagers that they ARE listening even when it appears they are not. Once what I was being inconsistent in what I was saying, one daughter repeated back to me exactly (word-byword) what I had previously said. Ugh! So off we go on another learning adventure.


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