Back at it again

After not being able to teach for many months due to the lack of strength and stamina, I have been able to teach twice in the last two weeks. I would celebrate but my presentation was not all that great!  But at least I was able to do it. I was hyped-up and my adrenaline kicked in and off I went, getting a little confused at times but ending on time, which is necessary when one is teaching close to 12:00 noon and everyone is eager to get home or to head to the restaurant to eat.    My wife cringed a few times as I was speaking, although she has learned to hide her thinking with a poker face. I could tell when she was thinking ‘your nuts’ and she was probably right. It is going to take me a while to get back into it. Like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, the second quarter is when you get it together and things start humming again. Starting off rough does not mean that’s the end of the game, not that is how it is going to be each week. Next week is another chance to get it right.

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