When I was younger and wanted to stay young I read somewhere that the key to youthfulness was to stay focused on the future and not dwell on the past. That was pretty good advice I think, but it has its faults, as do most generalizations. Times have changed and many people, youth included, are […]


Most of our lives we look forward to each stage, to being a teen, a young adult, an adult, a retiree. Seldom do we think about what we must give up to move on to the next stage. Even retirees don’t think much about the diminishment that accompanies passing into an older stage of life. […]

Getting older and doing it well

The book, Elderhood by Louise Aronson, was recommended as ‘must reading.’ And now that I am about 3/4 of the way through it I can see why. It is an eye-opener. It is informative and it is scary. Louise Aronson is a medical doctor who specializes in geriatrics, a geriatrician–deals with the characteristics, needs, and diseases of older […]