I enjoy teaching, although there were times when it was a bit trying—like when I was lecturing and my students were playing games on their computers or listening to music on their cell phones. I especially enjoy teaching adult Sunday school classes because I enjoy and learn a lot from the preparation and the interaction […]

With gentleness and respect

I like to try to explain why I believe in God and Jesus Christ. It not only affirms what I feel to be true but allows me to reaffirm it in my heart. but, I also hope that I can help those who are searching for truth to find it. I hear the rhetoric of […]

Suffering and the Mission of God: Part 1, Chapter 2: The Mission of God in the Old testament

A Few Words about the Old Testament and mission The Old Testament has a lot to say about God’s mission, as we have already noted. There are those who have thought that the Old Testament had very little say about missions so have tended to disregard it as a source for a theology of mission. […]

The Gospel as Public Truth

John the Baptist announced publicly that the Kingdom of God was near. He preached repentance and proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom. When he was imprisoned, Jesus, who also announced publicly at his baptism that the Kingdom was near, began his public ministry by preaching repentance and the coming of the Kingdom (see Matt. 3:1-12, […]

More than Ideology

The atrocities committed by terrorists against Christians are generally attributed to their ideology. Usually it falls into the category of radical jihadist ideology. While ideology may play a role of being a catalyst that spawns extreme violence, there is something deeper and darker that is the root cause of such evil acts. It is more […]

The Mission of Christ

We have said that God the Father is, by nature, missionary and that He pursues his mission by both going out and sending out. This includes both a revelation of himself and an offer  of salvation. These two aspects are significantly bound together. The most explicit revelation of himself is through his Son. God has […]