The Value of the Old Testament for Understanding God’s Mission

In the spirit of seeking a deeper understanding of God’s mission to the world, it is important that we not by-pass the Old Testament. We have already introduced many missional ideas from the Old Testament in earlier sections but now we want to expand it and go a little deeper. It further identifies the arena […]

Suffering and the Mission of God: Part 1, Chapter 2: The Mission of God in the Old testament

A Few Words about the Old Testament and mission The Old Testament has a lot to say about God’s mission, as we have already noted. There are those who have thought that the Old Testament had very little say about missions so have tended to disregard it as a source for a theology of mission. […]

The Self-Revealing Father

We correctly picture God the Father as the sovereign creator. There is a missionary aspect to all of God’s work, in creation as well as in the history of redemption. God the Father is truly a missionary God. He reaches out to mankind with the same freedom as He had when He created, not out […]

Mission of the Triune God

God has revealed himself to be a triune Being, one God expressed in three Persons in perfect unity. Therefore each Person shares in every aspect of mission, yet each of the three Persons of the Trinity have distinct roles in the mission of God. God the Father offers mankind salvation and reconciliation. It is He […]

God as the Source of Missions

God is the initiator of mission to the world. Mission is not accidental to God but flows from God’s very nature and reflects his nature as God, for God is love and seeks to be reconciled with mankind. We cannot escape this mandate or ignore it because if we truly desire to serve God and […]

A Theology of Mission includes the Whole Bible

It is important that we get a comprehensive understanding of the whole Bible when formulating and constructing a biblical theology. The Old Testament is an integral and significant part of the construction of a theology of mission. Christopher J. H. Wright makes a strong case for including the Old Testament in our understanding of God’s […]