Continued Renewal under Hostile Conditions

I picked up a recent copy of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.  I like to read through the whole issue to keep informed about missions, so I read an article that I thought I would not relate to me or to anything that I do. I was wrong! The article was about East Syrian […]

Wang Ming-dao’s Theology of Suffering and Persecution

The story of Wang Ming-dao, one of twentieth century’s most famous Chinese Christians who suffered for his faith, is full of powerful victories and devastating defeats. He was a contemporary of John Sung and Watchman Nee, and had an outstanding ministry as a pastor and evangelist. He developed his theology midst strong resistance, persecution, and […]

Desperate Prayers

At about the same time that Muslim radicals were massacring the cartoonists in Paris, Boko Haram was levelling the city of Baga, Nigerian, killing an estimate 2,000 people. I was very angry and outraged at the horrific scale of murder of innocent people—of all ages. Although the massacre in Nigeria was not specifically targeting Christians […]

More than Ideology

The atrocities committed by terrorists against Christians are generally attributed to their ideology. Usually it falls into the category of radical jihadist ideology. While ideology may play a role of being a catalyst that spawns extreme violence, there is something deeper and darker that is the root cause of such evil acts. It is more […]

Why People or Governments Become Persecutors

Generally speaking, Christians are seen as a threat to prevailing religious beliefs (where religious belief is equated with cultural, political, or ethnic identity), to social stability (breaking up family and community unity), and political allegiances (where religion and state are closely identified or identical). The more militant, radical groups within a religion (like Islam, Buddhism, […]

Why People Deny the Reality of Persecution

  There are those who deny the existence of religious persecution because they may not personally experience it. Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer, says that “those of us who live in the modern West don’t experience anything along these lines, and most of us are deeply ignorant of the sufferings of our brethren around the […]

Love writing but hate promoting my works

I have the problem that Christian writers deal with. I love to write and feel called by God to write to try to strengthen people of Fatih but I also don’t like to have to promote what I have written. I guess it is always a fear of rejection or that I am wasting your […]