The Western World as a Mission Field

As Western culture moves from the era of modernism to post-modernism, the effects upon the church and the ministry of the church become increasingly apparent.  The church must deal with the remnants of modernism which continually influences Western culture and it must also begin to engage a new post-modern mentality, which appears at first glance […]

Suffering and the Mission of God: Part 1, Chapter 2: The Mission of God in the Old testament

A Few Words about the Old Testament and mission The Old Testament has a lot to say about God’s mission, as we have already noted. There are those who have thought that the Old Testament had very little say about missions so have tended to disregard it as a source for a theology of mission. […]

The Gospel as Public Truth

John the Baptist announced publicly that the Kingdom of God was near. He preached repentance and proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom. When he was imprisoned, Jesus, who also announced publicly at his baptism that the Kingdom was near, began his public ministry by preaching repentance and the coming of the Kingdom (see Matt. 3:1-12, […]

The Difference between True Commitment and Fanaticism

Religious fanaticism has a prominent place in recent news coverage. Those who are committed to proving that religion is by nature irrational and fanatical have more than enough examples to support their belief. Religious people are seen as lunatics, extremists who are willing to do almost anything to promote their cause and belief system. Unfortunately, […]

Behind Enemy Lines

Throughout history, Christians have utilized persecution as an avenue for ministry. Persecution can place us in situations where we would not normally be or want to be. When we are put in prison or taken to court for our faith, we would have a venue that is not normally ours to utilize. We are thrust […]

God as the Source of Missions

God is the initiator of mission to the world. Mission is not accidental to God but flows from God’s very nature and reflects his nature as God, for God is love and seeks to be reconciled with mankind. We cannot escape this mandate or ignore it because if we truly desire to serve God and […]

It is God’s Mission; Theology of Mission’s Proper Starting point

Christopher J. H. Wright states explicitly the belief of biblical scholars who see in the Word of God that God’s mission is truly his work and now ours. He writes: “Mission is not ours; mission is God’s. Certainly, the mission of God is the prior reality out of which flows any mission we get involved […]