“Wars and rumors of wars.”–  These words are a painful reality for many. Most of us not in hostile areas are so inundated with the devastation of war and terrorism on television that, after a while, we want to push it away, hoping that it will disappear. Unfortunately, it is our daily dose of reality, […]

Continued Renewal under Hostile Conditions

I picked up a recent copy of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.  I like to read through the whole issue to keep informed about missions, so I read an article that I thought I would not relate to me or to anything that I do. I was wrong! The article was about East Syrian […]

Desperate Prayers

At about the same time that Muslim radicals were massacring the cartoonists in Paris, Boko Haram was levelling the city of Baga, Nigerian, killing an estimate 2,000 people. I was very angry and outraged at the horrific scale of murder of innocent people—of all ages. Although the massacre in Nigeria was not specifically targeting Christians […]

The Difference between True Commitment and Fanaticism

Religious fanaticism has a prominent place in recent news coverage. Those who are committed to proving that religion is by nature irrational and fanatical have more than enough examples to support their belief. Religious people are seen as lunatics, extremists who are willing to do almost anything to promote their cause and belief system. Unfortunately, […]