“Wars and rumors of wars.”–  These words are a painful reality for many. Most of us not in hostile areas are so inundated with the devastation of war and terrorism on television that, after a while, we want to push it away, hoping that it will disappear. Unfortunately, it is our daily dose of reality, […]

Desperate Prayers

At about the same time that Muslim radicals were massacring the cartoonists in Paris, Boko Haram was levelling the city of Baga, Nigerian, killing an estimate 2,000 people. I was very angry and outraged at the horrific scale of murder of innocent people—of all ages. Although the massacre in Nigeria was not specifically targeting Christians […]

Behind Enemy Lines

Throughout history, Christians have utilized persecution as an avenue for ministry. Persecution can place us in situations where we would not normally be or want to be. When we are put in prison or taken to court for our faith, we would have a venue that is not normally ours to utilize. We are thrust […]

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit plays a significant role in the mission of God in the present age. It is with the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost that ushered in the great missionary age that we live in. Mission to the whole world, as God had fully intended it to be, really began “in the […]

More than Ideology

The atrocities committed by terrorists against Christians are generally attributed to their ideology. Usually it falls into the category of radical jihadist ideology. While ideology may play a role of being a catalyst that spawns extreme violence, there is something deeper and darker that is the root cause of such evil acts. It is more […]