“Wars and rumors of wars.”–  These words are a painful reality for many. Most of us not in hostile areas are so inundated with the devastation of war and terrorism on television that, after a while, we want to push it away, hoping that it will disappear. Unfortunately, it is our daily dose of reality, […]

Holy God, Holy Mission

This post is going to be a long one! But the subject is very important and I tried to do  fairly detailed research from some classic biblical theologians, such as Eichrodt, Von Rad, Mulienburg, and some more contemporary ones like Christopher Wright. The nature of mission is determined by the nature of the God of […]

Genesis 12 and God’s Global Mission

Genesis chapter 12 becomes a very significant chapter both in Genesis and in connection with all the writings that follow. Chapters 1-11 show the extent to which man rebelled and we are left with a sense that all is lost. Man, though properly judged and punished, seems bent on continuing in sin whether united or […]

Establishing the Foundations (Old Testament and Missions)

The early chapters Genesis established certain truths that are reflected and amplified throughout Scriptural revelation. They become not only important starting points but also controlling themes that shape our understanding both of God and his mission. Therefore to ignore these early chapters of Genesis is to miss the point. Ken Gnanakan writes: “No theology of […]

The Western World as a Mission Field

As Western culture moves from the era of modernism to post-modernism, the effects upon the church and the ministry of the church become increasingly apparent.  The church must deal with the remnants of modernism which continually influences Western culture and it must also begin to engage a new post-modern mentality, which appears at first glance […]

The Value of the Old Testament for Understanding God’s Mission

In the spirit of seeking a deeper understanding of God’s mission to the world, it is important that we not by-pass the Old Testament. We have already introduced many missional ideas from the Old Testament in earlier sections but now we want to expand it and go a little deeper. It further identifies the arena […]