Love writing but hate promoting my works

I have the problem that Christian writers deal with. I love to write and feel called by God to write to try to strengthen people of Fatih but I also don’t like to have to promote what I have written. I guess it is always a fear of rejection or that I am wasting your […]

Amazing Tenacity

Amazing Tenacity Those who work with persecuted Christians realize we have a lot to learn from them. One of the lessons recently impressed on my mind by the underground church in a large Asian their tenacity to carry out the task of global evangelism. At a recent gathering of mission leaders, mission teachers, and […]

Suffering and the Mission of God: A Theological and Missiological Perspective (#1 of many coming up)

PREFACE Suffering for Christ is a part of the mission of God. Suffering comes as a result of persecution of those sent to share the gospel and those who have received the gospel. While human rights issues and slavery are topics held in high esteem in Western society, and the fight for human rights is […]

Knowing Truth

The main question of our age is how do we know? When it comes to spiritual truths, the ultimate beliefs are ultimately unprovable (like the sovereignty of God, the Trinity, etc.) but believable. We have the God-given ability to know and understand what God teaches us, directly or through his Word. While knowing means to […]