Most of our lives we look forward to each stage, to being a teen, a young adult, an adult, a retiree. Seldom do we think about what we must give up to move on to the next stage. Even retirees don’t think much about the diminishment that accompanies passing into an older stage of life. […]


There is no question that some people have something to say and others care less if anything is said at all. It’s the nature of humans to communicate or to ignore it. For those who wish to speak, there is often something compelling them to speak, something important or something trivial. Nevertheless, words are uttered […]


“Wars and rumors of wars.”–  These words are a painful reality for many. Most of us not in hostile areas are so inundated with the devastation of war and terrorism on television that, after a while, we want to push it away, hoping that it will disappear. Unfortunately, it is our daily dose of reality, […]

Holy God, Holy Mission

This post is going to be a long one! But the subject is very important and I tried to do  fairly detailed research from some classic biblical theologians, such as Eichrodt, Von Rad, Mulienburg, and some more contemporary ones like Christopher Wright. The nature of mission is determined by the nature of the God of […]