Thank you for ‘liking’ my website. I hope to put up blogs with some substance. I have already posted some. Any comments to my blogs would be appreciated. After 40+ years of teaching, at all age levels , I am now limited to posting blogs, writing books and articles. But it is an exciting new […]

It can be Dangerous to be a Kid

            The stories of the radical Islamic group ISIS indiscriminately and sometimes intentionally killing children has been on my mind these days, especially as we focus on children during the Christmas season. It is hard to comprehend what it takes for an adult to kill children for whatever reason but it is mostincomprehensible when it […]

The Deity and Lordship of Jesus Christ

When looking at the history of the church and the contemporary situation it is clear that the witness to the deity and lordship of Christ causes resistance, hostility, and persecution. There is no question that the New Testament writers believed Jesus to be the Lord. By this, they meant that Jesus is the Christ, the […]

The Fulfillment of Hope

Recently I was struck by verse 11 of Hebrews 6: “We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized.” (NIV) What were they hoping for? These words were written in the context of Christians being faithful in helping other Christians. […]