The Mission of Christ

We have said that God the Father is, by nature, missionary and that He pursues his mission by both going out and sending out. This includes both a revelation of himself and an offer  of salvation. These two aspects are significantly bound together. The most explicit revelation of himself is through his Son. God has […]

It is God’s Mission; Theology of Mission’s Proper Starting point

Christopher J. H. Wright states explicitly the belief of biblical scholars who see in the Word of God that God’s mission is truly his work and now ours. He writes: “Mission is not ours; mission is God’s. Certainly, the mission of God is the prior reality out of which flows any mission we get involved […]

The Relationship of Theology and Missiology

A theology of mission by definition establishes a relationship between theology and missiology. David Bosch reflects on this relationship in his book Witness to the World:  “Paul, after all, combined his extensive missionary activities with corresponding intensive work in the area of theology. His theology exercised a decisive influence on his practice; conversely, the way […]